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English classes on hiatus for a little while!

Motoharu Asaka and interpreter/art teacher Louise Rouse have been providing translated workshops for the past couple of years in Tokyo however Louise is being posted to Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, USA this fall to teach woodblock printmaking over there before returning to Tokyo in January next year.

English language emails from this website’s contact page go to her by default but if you are hoping to make arrangements to study with Motoharu Asaka in 2018 you will likely need to organize another way to do this and communicate with Asaka who does not speak English.

Asaka not only teaches a full studio of woodblock students in regular Japanese classes but also continues is his work as a carver on commission and sits on the board of local guild associations so please be patient in trying to arrange visits with this busy man!

※ Changes to this schedule may be effected without notice

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