US & Canada Tour

Asaka will be visiting art universities and printmaking studios in the US and Canada.

Full details of public events will posted on Facebook.

Asaka will be gone from Tokyo 9.25-10.25 and classes will resume in November.

European Tour 2015

Promoting Japanese Woodblock Printmaking in Helsinki, Paris, London, Bristol, Brighton, Milan and Florence

5th Asaka Motoharu Takumi Woodblock Studio Student Exhibition

On Sunday, the 5th Asaka Motoharu Takumi Woodblock Studio Student Exhibition at Ueno Park Gallery ended, and was very well received by all! We would like to thank all those that helped to make it a success, and all our friends and acquaintances who came to see us from near and far. We greatly appreciate your support.

And now we would like to reveal the 1st prize work, decided by vote from all students. The winning entry was a woodblock reproduction of the nihonga painting by Kawanabe Kyōsai, “Beauty Watching Frogs at Play”, carved and printed by Shiba-san.

The difficult separation of colors from a painting into a woodblock, the delicate carving and printing were quite an achievement.

With 11 plates used to print 27 layers, the unanimous vote of the crowd was heard.